Thursday, July 23, 2009

696 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ The Golden Seal ‘ - 金印仇 ( Part 1 )

A ‘70s Shaw Classic

‘ The Golden Seal ‘ - 金印

Cast :

Tsung Hua – Tai Tien-chou
Wang Ping – Wu Hsiao-yen


A notorious villain killed a swordsman to snatch his treasure, the ‘Golden Seal’ but to no avail. The treasure was kept with the young son who had fled from the enemy’s pursuit. Many years later, the son Tai Tien-chou had grown to become a refined swordsman. While on his way to avenge his father’s death, he encountered three swordswomen , one of which was a maiden-in-disguise Wu Hsiao-yen ….

金印仇 - 宗华 , 汪萍


仇;彼时其杀父仇人虎踞乾坤谷,创立日月帮, 到处



Swordsman Tai Tien-chou met a maiden-in-disguise Wu Hsiao-yen in an inn while on his mission to avenge his father’s death …

( To be continued ... )

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