Sunday, July 12, 2009

689 SB ROMANCE : ‘ The Silent Love ‘ - 哑吧与新娘

A Shaw Brothers Classic ...

‘ The Silent Love ‘ - 哑吧与新娘

Cast : Ivy Ling Po, Chin Feng
Director : Yueh Feng


A mute had accidentally discovered the adultery of his young master and a married maid, thus he informed the husband of the maid who whacked the adulterer in a rage of anger. When the police questioned the mute, he made a false accusation that the maid’s husband was a rowdy drunkard in view to repay his old master for his upbringing. Eventually the husband was arrested and the maid was sacked by the old master. The young master henceforth hated the mute and when rumors about his wife and the mute spread in the neighborhood, he brutally beat them up in a burst of anger, leading to his wife’ suicide …

哑吧与新娘 … 凌波 , 金峰




狱。女工也被辞去. 少主人因此迁怒哑吧 …

Rating / 评价 : 2 ½ stars of 5


yee1joyce said...


Thank you for posting your review and some pics from this movie w/ Ivy and Chin Feng, it's a very sad yet touching story. I salute both Ivy and Chin Feng for playing such characters, both trapped by their circumstances in a small village in China - and not roles which could be seen as "glamorous" or "star" roles... No wonder Chin Feng won an acting award for portraying the mute guy, he did well in playing the "simple" guy and his concern for Ivy.


terence said...

My chief complaint about this movie is Ling Po's wig. It is stiff and unnatural looking and detracts from her fine performance. This may well be Chin Feng's finest hour on celluloid.

ivan said...

I don't enjoy this one. A lot night scenes if I remember right - making the movie more sombre and drab.