Wednesday, June 24, 2009

683 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Morning Fog ‘ - 晨雾

A ‘70s Brigitte Lin’s Classic

Morning Fog ‘ - 晨雾

Cast : Brigitte Lin , Chin Han
Director : Lai Cheng-yin


Tu met Dai when she returned his lost wallet and soon they fell in love. However, Dai had a rich and snobbish fiancée Shih. When Shih discovered Tu was her half sister and Dai had fallen for her, she threaten Dai to marry her immediately …

晨雾 … 林青霞 , 秦汉

因送还丢失的钱夹, 杜小梦认识了钱夹的主人戴亚伦. 两人



时,竟以死相逼, 要戴亚伦立即与其成婚 …

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5

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Janey said...

I follow a lot of lawrence movies via feng fei fei 's songs but yesterday I found that all movies tracts has been removed , I think some mainland hagger do that ! Please restore all movies tract via feng fei fei 's songs again ,Thank you a lot . Happy new year