Monday, June 8, 2009

671 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ New Tales Of The Flying Fox ‘ - 新飞狐外传 ( Part 1 )

A '80s Shaw Classic ...

New Tales Of The Flying Fox ‘ - 飞狐外传

Cast :

Felix Wong ~ Hu Fei
Alex Ma ~ Miao Ren-feng
Hui Ying-hung ~ Yuan Tze-yi


Two renowned swordsmen challenged for supremacy in the martial world. After a series of duels, one was killed by his opponent's poisonous blade, followed by his wife's suicide, leaving a baby boy in the care of a tavern waiter . Many years later, the little boy grew up to avenge his father’s death and in due course, he met two girls and was trapped in a web of love…

Hu Fei had mastered the ‘Hu Family’ swordplay skills. By chance encounter he met Miao Ren-feng, the murderer who had killed his father ...

( To be continued ... )

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