Monday, May 11, 2009

646 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ The Marigolds ‘ – 金盏花

A ‘70s Brigitte Lin’s Classic

‘ The Marigolds ‘ – 金盏

Cast : Lin Ching-hsia , Chin Han , Ma Yong-lin

Director : Liu Li-li


Pei-yin was engaged as a home tutor for a 20 years-old beautiful undergraduate Qian-qian. Many times she crashed with the Qian-qian’s father over her education but they soon fell for each other. Meanwhile Qian-qian was in love with Pei-yin’s friend until one day a woman approached them and claimed that she had his baby ….

金盏花 林青霞 , 秦漢 , 馬永霖


纖纖經由佩吟認 識頌超,兩人進而相愛. 此時頌超之前交


Rating / 评价: 3 stars of 5

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