Thursday, April 30, 2009

637 DRAMA : ‘ Table Of Glory ‘ - 乒乓圆

A 2009 Singapore Drama Series …

Table Of Glory ‘ - 乒乓圆

Cast :

Joshua Ang as Ah Wu
Dai Yang Tian as He Jiajun


Ah Wu was a simple guy who played table tennis for the love of the sport. He became withdrawn after the untimely death of his mother and spent most of his time paddling a table tennis ball against the wall. He had a childhood friend Xiaofen and was secretly in love with her but found it difficult to express his feelings for her.

When Xiaofen met a handsome player He Jiajun in her table tennis team, she was infatuated with him. However, He Jiajun had a crush on his cool teammate Zhang Ziyi for she was an exceptionally skilled table tennis player. On the other hand, Zhang Ziyi found that Ah Wu was indeed a sincere guy and preferred to be with him. However, Ah Wu’s quiet love and concern for Xiaofen remained unchanged.

When Zhang Ziyi knew of Ah Wu’s aspiration to become a table tennis champion in order to fulfill his mum’s wish, she encouraged and trained him by all means, thus led to He Jiajun’s jealousy. Once Ah Wu was disheartend at a sight where He Jiajun kissed Xiaofen, not knowing that it was just a kiss of encouragement for Xiaofen to win in her upcoming table tennis match. The two love rivals in a towering rage finally met at a nation-wide table tennis tournament and challenged for the championship ….

乒乓圆 … 洪赐健, 戴阳天







成为贺家军的头号对手 …

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5

Opening ...

Finale ...


Andrea said...

I like Joshua and DYT in this series. They can really act especially in the last scene which really made me feel sad for them..

I detested Teresa Tseng who played the role of Xiaofen. She had always harbored such a disgusting thought that DYI fancied her.

There are many loose ends in final episode. Nothing was mentioned about the Ah Wu, Jiajun, Xiaofen and Ziyi relationship , nothing about their coach He Shuai if he ever recovered … Full of question marks !!!

Generally, the series is still entertaining with the two hunks Joshua and DYT’ superb actions!

gordonofeast said...

Dai Yang Tian, the pretty boy of Little Nonya's fame is good. Joshua Ang is very naturally in his acting. Agreed, Teresa Tseng is yuck.

ivan said...

Enjoyed this drama. DYT was good he deserved the 2009 Best Newcomer Award. But it was Joshua Ang who impressed me in his portrayal of Ah Wu - the socially-impaired youth.

Watch out for the dvds released at TS outlets in mid-May.

Amelia said...

Thank you Lawrence for posting the synopsis. Even though I haven't watched the show this drama series no doubt has evoked certain emotions in its viewers, judging from the comments.

ivan said...

Thanks Lawrence for the finale. I just watched it again focussing on Ah Wu's coolness vs Jiajun's aggressiveness.