Sunday, April 12, 2009

617 TAIWAN MOVIE : ‘ The Sword ‘ - 剑

A Taiwan Classic …

‘ The Sword ‘ -

Cast : Jimmy Wang Yu , Chen Pei-ling
Director : Pan Lei


A spoiled and arrogant prince was obsessed with swords. Once in a tournament, he won a sword that was considered to be the best in the martial world, but soon he discovered it was not the finest blade. When he knew of an ex-soldier who owned a sword that was more precious than those in his collections, he decided to locate the hermit …

… 王羽、陈佩玲

一公子对名剑的喜欢到了置国仇家恨, 甚至母亲的死都

的一个境界 …

Rating / 评价 : 2 stars of 5

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Diane said...

Don't really like this movie, Wang Yu played an arrogant prince obsessed with the "special" sword, if I were not mistaken, I didn't see him smile even once in this movie.