Friday, April 3, 2009

609 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ My Native Land ’ - 原乡人

A Taiwan Classic …

‘ My Native Land ’ - 原

Cast : Chin Han , Joan Lin
Director : Li Hsing


A true tale of a renowned Taiwan novelist Zhong Li-he.

As it was strictly prohibited for a couple with the same surname to get married in their hometown, Zhong Li-he and his lover Zhong Peng-mei ran away from home without their parents blessings. They soon settled down and Peng-mei knew her husband’s aspiration to be a writer, thus she supported him by doing odd jobs to sustain their living expenses …

原乡人 … 秦汉 , 林凤娇


鍾理和與愛人钟平妹因同姓而父母反對, 所以两人从台湾私

奔至奉天. 夫婦生活困苦. 但鍾理和立志為作家, 而平妹一直

撐著他, 挑起家计重担 ….

Rating / 评价 : 2 ½ stars of 5


Andrea said...

This is a serious production with stunning performances from both Chin Han and Joan Lin.

I read an article about Joan recently. It stated that she was hoping to win another ‘Best Actress’ award with her role in ‘My Native Land’ but her effort and hard work were not being recognized. Thus, she was disheartened and quitted the showbiz.

yee1joyce said...


thanks so much for posting this one. although I haven't previously seen it, it looks like a great story about this Taiwanese writer and his family, living during time of Japanese occupation and other hardships.

Andrea, it's such a pity that Joan Lin didn't win any acting award for her role in this film, it looks like a very excellent true story and role for her.