Sunday, March 8, 2009

586 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ All About Ah Long ‘ - 阿郎的故事 ( Part 2 )

A Hong Kong Classic …

‘ All About Ah Long ‘ - 阿郎的故事

Cast : Chow Yun Fatt , Sylvia Chang
Director : Johnnie To

Recap 03
Po Po approached Ah Long to confirm if Porky was their illegitimate son …

Recap 04
Considering Ah Long’s crude ways and his blue-collar income would be a bad influence on her son, Po Po pleaded Ah Long to let their son to go States with her for a new orderly life …

( To be continued ... )

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Andrea said...

I saw this movie and was touched by the marvelous performances from Chow Yun Fatt, Sylvia Chang and the child actor especially in the final scene. It's an entertaining but a moving classic not to miss !