Sunday, December 14, 2008

494 K-POP : ‘ Single Daddy In Love ‘ - Part 8

A 2008 k-drama …

Single Daddy In Love ‘ -

Cast :

Oh Jin-ho as Pung-ho
Heo Yi-jae as Ha-ri
Kang Sung-yun as So-yi

Synopsis – ( Part 8 )

Ha-ri came to know So-yi’s decision to break off the engagement with her dad Ki-seok and leave Korea. She approached Pung-ho in the hospital, hoping to patch up with him. San who was also in the hospital, overheard their conversation. When he learned that So-yi was his mum, he was dumbfounded with surprise and started to behave strangely. He refuse to eat or talk and later, he claimed that he could not see !

Pung-ho was on tenterhooks till the doctor’s diagnosis was completed. San’s was a pyschological case and the loss of his sight was just temporarily.

Meanwhile Pung-ho had frequent headaches and was shocked by his doctor’s diagnosis. He too had a brain tumor !

( To be continued ... )

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Amelia said...

Thanks Lawrence, :)

OMG, I can imagine the plots are becoming more complicated and dramatic, hehehe..........Still, keep them coming, pleeeease.