Thursday, October 30, 2008

454 K-POP : ' She's On Duty '

A k-movie ...

' She's On Duty '

Cast : Kim Seon-ah , Gong Yoo


A fiery undercover female cop was tasked to track down an elusive criminal whose testimony could put a notorious mobster behind bars. She was sent to a high school to befriend the criminal’s teenage daughter in order to find out his hideout

However, the greatest challenges for her were to confront the school teacher, school bullies, school examinations and a mysterious schoolmate whom she had a crush on …

Rating : 4 1/2 stars of 5


Priscillia said...

Surprisingly good movie ! Kim Seon-ah is so funny and Gong Yoo is so hot ... lol .. Never know that Kim makes a perfect match with Gong Yoo tooo... If you are looking for a fun movie , then this one is perfect.

Diane said...

Thanks Lawrence for the video clip! I'm going to grab this comedy. The leading lady Kim Seon-ah (one of your favorites right?)looks so natural and she sure is talented as a star. Even if I don't understand Korean,I can tell by their actions and facial grimaces.