Sunday, October 12, 2008

426 MUSIC BOX : ERIC MOO - 巫啟賢

Eric Moo - 巫啟賢

My favourite Eric’s music :

1) 太傻

2) 想著你的感覺

3) 等你等到我心痛

4) 思念誰

5) 紅塵來去一場夢

and many more …

1) 太傻

2) 想著你的感覺

3) 等你等到我心痛


Priscillia said...

As always, all these mvs are great. They are some of Eric's greatest hits. Eric is not only a talented songwriter, but he has a fantastic voice that always touches one so deeply .

Diane said...

Illic es plures ingeniosus tener Chinese aduro huic century. Gratias ago vos Lawrence pro induco lemma ut senex civitas amo mihi! Is est meus primoris rudimentum scribo in Latin secundum tot annus. Spero meus magister in Latin mos indulgeo mihi si EGO no nonnullus erroris.


There are many talented Chinese singers in this new century. Thank you Lawrence for introducing them to senior citizens like me!This is my first attempt to write in Latin after so many years. I hope my professor in Latin will forgive me if I made some mistakes.