Sunday, August 24, 2008

359 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Brothers Five ‘

‘ Brothers Five ‘

Cast : Cheng Pei-pei, Yueh Hua, Lo Lieh, Chin Han. Chang Yi, Kao Yuan
Director : Lo Wei


Five brothers were separated since childhood and unaware of their family being murdered by a villain. It was then up to a swordswoman to locate the five lost sons of her late father’s best pal and take revenge on their evil and powerful murderer ….

Rating : 4 ½ stars of 5

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Amelia said...

Interesting story with superlative cast: Chin Han, Chang Yi, Yeh Hua, Kao Yen and Lo Lieh. Oh, not to forget wuxia super sword woman, Cheng Pei Pei, poncing so perfectly about in her white robe and solicitously looking for the long-lost 5 siblings.

The story of 5 bothers being reunited after many years were touching. Still, watching each of them showing off his individual weapon fighting skill and martial art talent made me feel that they deserve separate billing.The 5-brotherly combined statue dragon scene at the end is breathtaking!

However, one particular performance worth noting is Lo Lieh as the youngest brother in red. Not only his performance was polished and professional, he still managed to show off his nuanced, great comic timing.

Some fighting scenes in the bush were quite dark, unfortunately. As a whole, it is quite entertaining nonetheless. For once, I didn't have to have my eyes wide shut, hehehe.....