Sunday, August 17, 2008

350 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘Lovable You’

Lovable You ’

Cast: Fong Fei Fei, Kenny Bee
Director : Hou Xiao-xian


A young woman met her ‘ dream lover ‘ during her vacation in a rural village. Their relationship got entangled with her impending marriage arranged by her parents. However life was always full of surprises when she saw her future better half ….

A hilarious romance with both Fong Fei-fei and Kenny Bee at their most ‘lovable’ personalities … Thumps up !

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Priscillia said...

This is one of Kenny Bee's ‘ fun ‘ movies. It has a simple storyline, but many natural sceneries and fascinating songs. The chemistry Kenny had with Feng Fei Fei was excellent. They were both cute and lovable.

Diane said...

Esta pareja es muy guapa y talentosa! Ella puedan cantar, actuar y bailar. Yo me gusta su película !
Fong Fei Fei y Kenny Bee están cantate popular en Asia!
This couple is very beautiful and talented. They can sing, act and dance. I like their movie.
Fong Fei Fei and Kenny Bee are famous singers in Asia!

Stevyn said...

This is an excellent movie with good comedy tricks which nowadays comedy lacks of. Great acting from Kenny playing as a hot-tempered young man as well as a jealous but smart boyfriend. A wise yet orthodox tactic there when he turn his rival into his best friend making the girl feel left out. I enjoy the joyful song during the show, but still don't understand what is the meaning of 'liu liu'. Hahaha