Sunday, August 10, 2008

338 REVIEW : ‘ Comedy Of Mismatches ‘

‘ Comedy Of Mismatches ‘

Cast : Pat Ting Hung, Chin Feng
Director : Hsieh Chun


Two couples exchanged tokens of affection after a chance meeting in a temple. The tokens were monogrammed but they ended up with the wrong name. They were unnerved by their screaming parents and had muffed their hands-off; thus took the wrong tokens from their beloved ones…..

Rating : 4 stars of 5


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Amelia said...

Wow, this comedy-drama is entertaining and is indeed a sophisticated, dazzling piece of work written by Loh Chen.

Despite Chin Fong and Pat Ting Hong are the leads, I find Lydia Sum's performance is equally endearing.

The Huangmei diao music is delightful too; very different from the traditional tunes. A mixture of classical huangmei and modern melodies, just like the plots of this romantic web of mistaken identities. A virtuoso performance ! :)