Thursday, June 26, 2008

273 SB FANTASY : ‘ Princess Iron Fan ‘

‘ Princess Iron Fan ‘

Cast : Pat Ting Hung , Yueh Hua , Cheng Pei-Pei , Ho Fan , Lily Ho
Director : Ho Meng-hua


Tripitaka and his disciples arrived at a village that had been devastated by fires ignited by Princess Iron Fan. The latter had grudges against his disciple, Monkey and thus, wanted to block his way to India.
Meanwhile two ‘White Bone’ demons schemed to capture Tripitaka ….

The second chapter of the classic literature with strong cast !

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Diane said...

(Whistle) lots of beautiful young SB lady stars in this movie, it's a mixture of comedy and action film in one. You can see Lily Ho, Cheng Pei Pei in their pre makeover stage, they sure have the naive and innocent look!

I like Yueh Hua, as a man or a monkey, it doesn't matter, what matters most is that he is a versatile actor!

terence said...

Lily Ho still has her baby fat in this movie and she was playing second fiddle to Cheng Pei-pei.

This is one of those few movies in which I actually like Pat Ting Hung. Gosh....I can't believe I typed that!