Wednesday, June 18, 2008

262 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Lovers Destiny ‘

Lovers Destiny ‘

Cast : Ching Li , Tsung Hua , Shih Sze , Chen Kuan-tai , Li Ching
Director : Chu Yuan


A kind-hearted student was smitten with a songtress; but the henchman of a general was determined to present her to his superior; thus the pathetic girl was later violated by the lecherous general and forced to be his concubine. With the help of two street performers he once helped, the devoted lover hatched a plot to save his beloved…

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Diane said...

This is a newer version of Between Tears and Smiles starring Ling Po, Kuan Shan, Li Li Hua in black and white.
Lover's Destiny is in color and the story is pretty much the same as the older version. Ching Li played the helpless damsel, Shih Sze was the kung fu lass who helped rescued Ching Li. Li Ching played a small role here, but she was again at her best.
In my honest opinion, I like the older version better because of Ling Po!

Amelia said...

You are right, Diane."Lovers Destiny" is a remake of black and white Shaws' production of "Between Tears And Smiles".

Do you know there is another similar movie produced by Cathay called "The Story Of Three Loves" starred by Ker Lan, Lin Chui and Chao Loi. Honestly, this one drags on and on, slightly 'long-winded'.

Well, despite there is a similarity between the 3 movies, I have to say that "Lovers Destiny" is a much more colorful, magnetic and enchanting melodrama. Not to mention that maudlin theme song which is astonishingly infectious and additive!

An interesting '2nd generation' cast are seen in "Lovers Destiny" compared to the veteran actors/actresses took part in "Between Tears And Smiles".

To begin with, Hsang Hua is the right choice for the male lead. He is rich, clever, confident and resplendently handsome. His role as a veritable saint is memorable.

Furthermore, his impressive performance is undeniably revealed in his eyes:

1)brightening like Xmas lights when he first sees Ching Li, and his heart becomes an instant slave to her beauty, hehehehe......

2)then cold like icicles when he is furious to find out Ching Li has married the warlord before he returns.

3)and lastly, soft and sad like a lost puppy dog at the tragic finale when his love is lost forever........

Kuan Shan in "Between Tears And Smiles" on the contrary, is passable with his handsome face but he always seems to have difficulty in showing his emotions spontaneously. In short, slightly stiff!

Ching Li as the co-star in "Lovers Destiny" surprisingly contributes far more strongly here. She looks very beautiful at the start of the movie, esp. at the moment her eyes meet Hsang Hua's. Perhaps, that's called 'Love At First Sight'.

Truly, this is her most polished performance quite like anything I have ever witnessed before.

Every story has to be balanced by the presence of a villain. And that role is fetched by Stanley Feng who disappointedly has overacted his character role as the 'pea-brain' warlord.

Oh my, as one can see, the tyranny of 'warlord-era' of the early 1920s is pretty alarming! They (the warlords) see women as ornaments. And obviously, they like to be seen with women who are stunning. Perhaps, it strokes their egos!

All in all, this film represents a magnificent achievement of Director Chu Yuan and the handsome cast, accompanied by a lovely theme song with intelligible lyrics.:)